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[..] With criminality and immigration being priory topics for political parties during campaigning for the Swedish parliamentary elections in September 2018, right wing parties such as the Swedish Democrats and Alternative for Sweden will attempt to capitalise on the perceived crime epidemic occurring in Sweden and equating it with the failed policies of previous governments. [..]

avots un notikumu hronoloģija

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The Swedish Wartime Army

Corporal Frisk

The Swedish Army is probably as poorly understood as the Finnish one. Having been a large conscription/reserve-based force during much of the Cold War and immediate post-Cold War period, it then suffered from a strategic timeout and shrunk to a shadow of its former size and capability due to a focus on expeditionary missions. Today it is back in its former role, with homeland defence as the core mission. The order of battle is however markedly different from what it used to.

20170921_bezmah01_aurora17_213 Soldiers of the 71. motorised battalion in their AMV during exercise Aurora 17. Source: Bezav Mahmod/Försvarsmakten

A few words about geography and doctrine (especially for our Finnish readers). For an enemy coming from the east there are two ways of getting into Sweden: either through crossing the Finnish-Swedish border at the very northern parts of the country, and the slowly fighting your way down to the southern…

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Total snap


[..]For the first time since 1975, the Armed Forces carry out an unannounced emergency preparedness control of the entire Hemvärnet. All staff around Sweden who are part of one of the 40 home war battalions and who have the opportunity to attend the evening of 5 June and during the national day will be in charge of service. The alarm is ordered by the Armed Forces and participation in the exercise is voluntary.[..]


vara bungas: Par SE pēdējā laikā to vien dzird, “pirmo reizi kopš…” (bukleti, Gotlande, B/OMD, mācības). Tam ir tikai viens izskaidrojums Aukstais karš is back jaunā mētelī,  kuram der vecās pogas.  LV joprojām miers un stiprināšana.

[..] The exercise was voluntary and the Bydén hoped that roughly half of the country’s 22,000 home guard volunteers would turn up. [..]


Soli pa solim

foto: K.Neretnieks

STOCKHOLM, May 21 (Xinhua) — While the Swedish Armed Forces’ operations have halved in size over the past three decades, on Monday the military bucked the trend by reopening the P18 regiment on the Baltic island of Gotland, Swedish television reported.


Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war‘ leaflet to all 4.8 miljons homes



vara bungas: Gotlande bija top tēma VB pirms 3-4 gadem, nu laikam  var secināt, ka indikators realizējies.

Visa aptveršana

[..] Swedish commission is to get to that point, as well, but the question of time is now a factor. The commission’s plans call for Sweden’s total defense concept to be up and running by 2025, a long time given how quickly geopolitics have shifted in recent years. “Give us time, give us plans, give us exercises, give us people, and we can do” [..]”


vara bungas: Labi teikts: ” Dodiet mums laiku, dodiet mums plānus, dodiet mums apmācību, dodiet mums cilvēkus un mēs būsim gatavi. ” Gatavību ” kā Aukstā kara laikos” SE plāno sasniegt uz 2025.gadu vai pat agrāk. Nez kā LV  sokas ar “visaptverošas” aizsardzības konceptu, kuru JAU ievieš, bet kuru sabiedrībai neviens VĒL nav  skaidrojis.  Tas ļauj jebko, kas tiek darīts vai nedarīts skaidrot ar atbilstību “visaptverošam” konceptam, kas te ir, te nav kā Češīras kaķa smaids. Iespējams sabiedrībai nav jāredz bildi kopumā, jo tad atradīsies kāds, kas sāks  kritizēt un jaukties ar padomiem. Tas traucē izprast bezgalību.

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Of Helicopters and High Costs

Corporal Frisk

The NH90 was supposed to become the gold-standard of military transport helicopters, utilising composite structures and high-tech avionics to provide a modern workhorse for the airlift needs in a host of European countries.

Almost immediately the grand vision hit rough waters, with significant teething troubles and delays. A chapter in itself was the joint Nordic helicopter program, which eventually ended up with the different countries all going more or less their own ways. In the end, Denmark and ordered the larger AW101 (ex-EH101), Norway got both the AW101 and the NH90 NFH (naval version), while Finland ordered the NH90 TTH and Sweden opted for two modified versions of the NH90, designated HKP 14E and 14F locally.

Choppers Swedish HKP 14E visiting Kuopio, Finland, in 2016. Source: Own picture

In addition to the “baseline” teething troubles experienced by the project as a whole, the Swedes in a highly-publicised move decided that they…

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Baltijas bastions

[..] One of the reasons that Stockholm is looking to boost its missile defense capabilities is because of Swedish suspicions that Moscow might have designs on the Baltic Sea island of Gottland. There are some within Swedish national security circles who believe that the Russians might try to seize the island to secure control over the local waterways.

However, it is not clear if Moscow has any such designs—or that it would need to control Gottland in order to secure control over the Baltic Sea. In fact, if Russia deployed Bastion-P anti-ship missile batteries in Kaliningrad, Moscow could effectively control those waterways without a single Russian soldier ever setting foot on Swedish territory.[..]


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A Little Something about “Jägare”

Corporal Frisk

While the Finnish and Swedish armed forces in general are rather similar, the languages they speak differ. And not only in the obvious difference between Swedish and Finnish (and Swedish), but key words and phrases differ as well. While the difference between engineers (ingenjörer) and pioneers (pioneerit) is largely quaint and shouldn’t cause too much trouble, the word jaeger (jägare/jääkäri) is another matter completely. In the Finnish Defence Forces the word has several different, sometimes slightly contradictory meanings. My personal rank is that of a jääkäri, which simply translates to private. But it is also used to describe different kinds of infantry, such as mechanised (panssarijääkäri), rangers (erikoisrajajääkäri), or urban (kaartinjääkäri). Historically, it has also described the original Finnish jääkärittrained in Germany during WWI.

In Swedish the word has much narrower use, describing ranger-style army special…

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Brīvdienas no vēstures beigušās

[..] When the Cold War finally ended, many countries took a “holiday from history.” Many countries indulged in a “peace dividend.” Sweden overindulged. They simply gutted their military. The army went from 500,000 to 15,000. The civil-defense system was abolished. The purpose of the military would no longer be the defense of the country: It would be occasional participation in international peacekeeping operations. [..]


[..] Significantly, the report concedes Sweden is unlikely to be able to deter an extended attack by a major hostile power on its own. The objective will be to develop an armed forces capability that has the capacity to repel and slow the pace of invasion pending the arrival of military support from partner nations. To this end, Sweden needs to improve its preparedness and readiness to defend its national borders and independence. “In the extreme situation, the Total Defense must have a credible war fighting capability with both its military and civil defense,” the report says. [..]


vara bungas:  Gluži mūsu situācijas raksturojums, kā arī copy paste  vērti secinājumi un rekomendācijas LV situācijā. Vienīgā atšķirība no SE tur nenotiek  nekāda visaptverošās azisardzības izgudrošana, zviedriem vajadzīga joprojām tā pati vecā labā   totālā aizsardzība, kas vēl 2001.gadā bija arī mūsu valsts aizsardzības stūrakmens, kas tika likts Valsts aizsardzības koncepcijas pamatā:

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Aizsardzībai karavīru nevar būt “par daudz”

vara bungas: Sen nekas nebija dzirdams no kaimiņiem Gotlandē, tomēr spriežot pēc DW žurnālista  reportāžas tur viss notiek, lai gan arī par izjukušo biznesu ar Gazprom  joprojām bēdājas.  Tomēr salas garnizons nu jau izmērams kā bataljons (vēl nesen bija rota).

PS Sižetā redzams nosacīti jauna triecienšautene AK5C mazliet par to, gan jau arī mums tā kādreiz tiks 🙂