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UK rezerves jūras kājnieki gatavojas ziemai

[..]The Royal Marines reserve is perhaps the least known corner of the British armed forces. There are fewer than 600 marine reservists spread across the UK, young men (and it is entirely men) who balance full-time civilian life with being members of a reserve military force widely acknowledged to be the toughest of the lot.

Take this weekend. We are on an Arctic warfare training exercise in a remote corner of the Highlands. Not because Britain is at war with Finland, but because someone in the military needs to know how to fire a gun in sub-zero temperatures, and you never know when you might need them to.

There are around 50 reservists here, ranging in age from 19 to 45. They include a mental health nurse, a postman, a water company manager, a politics student and a trainee doctor from Bath who was so scared of what his family would think, he didn’t tell his mum he’d signed up for six months.[..]

vara bungas: aizkustinošs rakstiņš  sargslv  stilā. Bet zīmīgs ar to, ka parāda ko īsti briti sauc par “arktiskām mācībām”, un to, ka arī GB šobrīd “pārcilā” savus rezerves karavīrus gatavojoties operācijām nebūt ne siltajās zemēs. Autors nedaudz fleitē par UK jūras kājnieku “entirely men” sastāvu, jo pats vēlāk raksta, ka  mācībās piedalījās “mental health nurse”, bet vīriešu kārtas “nurse” būtu “murse”, lai gan, kas zina, ko viņš saprot ar “mental health” 🙂

Rezerves karavīriem par piedalīšanos apmācībās  (apmēram divi mēneši gadā) tiek maksāts:

[..] financial rewards as a reason for signing up, they are not enormous: a lower-ranking marine reservist will probably bring home £2,500 a year, with an additional tax bonus of up to £1,700, depending on how long they have served. [..]