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Of Helicopters and High Costs

Corporal Frisk

The NH90 was supposed to become the gold-standard of military transport helicopters, utilising composite structures and high-tech avionics to provide a modern workhorse for the airlift needs in a host of European countries.

Almost immediately the grand vision hit rough waters, with significant teething troubles and delays. A chapter in itself was the joint Nordic helicopter program, which eventually ended up with the different countries all going more or less their own ways. In the end, Denmark and ordered the larger AW101 (ex-EH101), Norway got both the AW101 and the NH90 NFH (naval version), while Finland ordered the NH90 TTH and Sweden opted for two modified versions of the NH90, designated HKP 14E and 14F locally.

Choppers Swedish HKP 14E visiting Kuopio, Finland, in 2016. Source: Own picture

In addition to the “baseline” teething troubles experienced by the project as a whole, the Swedes in a highly-publicised move decided that they…

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A Little Something about “Jägare”

Corporal Frisk

While the Finnish and Swedish armed forces in general are rather similar, the languages they speak differ. And not only in the obvious difference between Swedish and Finnish (and Swedish), but key words and phrases differ as well. While the difference between engineers (ingenjörer) and pioneers (pioneerit) is largely quaint and shouldn’t cause too much trouble, the word jaeger (jägare/jääkäri) is another matter completely. In the Finnish Defence Forces the word has several different, sometimes slightly contradictory meanings. My personal rank is that of a jääkäri, which simply translates to private. But it is also used to describe different kinds of infantry, such as mechanised (panssarijääkäri), rangers (erikoisrajajääkäri), or urban (kaartinjääkäri). Historically, it has also described the original Finnish jääkärittrained in Germany during WWI.

In Swedish the word has much narrower use, describing ranger-style army special…

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Corporal Frisk

In the shadow of the HX-fighter competition, the state of the ground based air defences in Finland has again appeared in the headlines. The short story is that in the mid-90’s Finland acquired the Russian Buk-M1 air defence system as part of Russia paying off the Soviet balance of the clearing accounts. However, while the system certainly is competent, questions soon arose if it was wise to operate a high-tech system which the main adversary had built? Especially as knowing the exact capabilities of the radar and missile is of crucial importance when it comes to defeating radar-guided missiles.

By the mid-00’s training new conscripts on the Buk stopped, and the system was phased out (never trust a Finn who says something is retired, the last conscripts who trained on the system most likely had another ten years in the reserve, during which they were assigned to a wartime unit…

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MISU – the Green Cat

Corporal Frisk

‘Tis the season, and as such everyone gets some Christmas presents. Such as a new 6×6 armoured personnel carrier.

PMPV The Protolab PMPV ‘MISU’. Photo: Tero Tuominen (@TeroTweet)

The Finnish Army has a large number of Patria (ex-Sisu) XA-180/200 series of armoured personnel carriers. The PASI has become something of a trademark for Finnish forces, both in-country and on peacekeeping missions abroad. These have been supplemented by the modern and heavier AMV, which have been acquired in limited numbers. In addition, the mechanised units rely on CV 9030’s and the older BMP-2, which are about to get an upgrade. The rest of the infantry will have to make do without armoured protection, travelling by trucks.

The PASI are currently undergoing a limited MLU-program, with the latest order for more vehicles coming this week. The MLU is largely about keeping the vehicles running rather than improving their value…

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Permanent Waves

Corporal Frisk

This morning Finland’s (and the Nordic countries’) largest daily Helsingin Sanomat published what they claim is the first of a series of articles dealing with Finnish military intelligence. This is not in itself strange or unheard of, as Finland is set to receive new legislature regarding intelligence gathering aimed at both foreign and internal targets. The issue which has caused significant waves is that it is based on an “extensive material” including Secret and Top Secret documents, the two highest classifications in the Finnish four-stage classification system.

No, there’s not a link to the article. That’s an editorial decision on my part.

This has naturally caused quite an outrage, including comments from both major-general Ohra-Aho (chief of military intelligence), minister of defence Jussi Niinistö, and president Sauli Niinistö.  The National Bureau of Investigation (Fi. Keskusrikospoliisi) has also started two investigations, regarding both the leak itself as…

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Dienas grauds

[..] Pārrunājot visaptverošās valsts aizsardzības modeļa darbību Somijā un nākotnes ieceres Latvijā, Somijas puse uzsvēra, ka kādreizējais valsts totālās aizsardzības modelis ir transformējies visaptverošā valsts aizsardzībā, kas ir daudz plašāka, vispusīgāka un mūsdienu izaicinājumiem atbilstošāka pieeja, jo šajā modelī tiek ietvertas ne tikai valsts militārās spējas, bet arī cieša sadarbība ar nevalstiskajām organizācijām, biznesa jomu, kritiskās infrastruktūras objektiem un visu sabiedrību, sagatavojoties jebkādiem izaicinājumiem un apdraudējumiem, ne tikai militāram uzbrukumam. Latvijas aizsardzības ministrs R.Bergmanis atzina, ka Somija Latvijai ir labs paraugs šādas pieejas ieviešanai valsts aizsardzībā, ko Latvija arī centīsies īstenot soli pa solim, jau no nākamā mācību gada vidusskolās ieviešot Valsts aizsardzības mācību. [..]


Turpināt lasīt

Startēģiskie baltie lāči (papildināts 20.10.)

vara bungas: VB pamatoti pārmet apsēstību ar jūras šaurumiem un  stratēģiskām salām, kā arī biežu bungošanu par Arktikas militarizāciju. Tā tas ir un tā tas paliks, jo notikumi par un ap reģionālās nozīmes atslēgas punktiem nedaudz izgaismo kaimiņvalstu valdību patiesos un tādēļ slepenos nodomus.  Novērotājam atliek tikai pareizi identificēt “key terrain” un gaidīt.

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Ašie somi

[..] wartime strength of the Finnish armed forces, from 230,000 to 280,000 soldiers [..]  The most important branch of the armed forces is the army itself, which in peacetime numbers 3500 professional soldiers and around 14,000 conscripts. After mobilisation, these forces are divided into manoeuvrable troops (35,000), which are the main strike force of the army; regional troops (125,000), that is, territorial defence, tasked with slowing down the enemy; and local forces (5000), which are assigned to defend military sites, critical infrastructure and support to the authorities. [..]


vara bungas: Tātad 3,5K somu PD karavīru ikdienā kaut kā tiek galā ar 14 000 OMD, turpretī NBS 5K  PD  nevar atrast cilvēkresursus 1-2K B/OMD karavīru apmācībai. Ļoti dvaini, jo īpaši, ka  FI šogad startē augstas gatavības vienību  projekts, kas tiks formētas no OMD  (!) karavīriem, kas brīvprātīgi pieteiksies dienēt 1 gadu pusgada vietā. Interesanti, ka daži LV “vissirčotka” kantora troļļi pamanās šo faktu pasniegt kā FI OMD vājumu.

[..] This year marks the start of one of the most visible development outcomes, namely, a 347-day readiness unit training programme for conscripts. This readiness unit training programme begins in accordance with the regular conscript training cycle for the first six-month period after which the conscripts move on to the readiness unit training phase and that of readiness. The readiness unit sustains the capability for functioning rapidly within the entire national terrain as tasked with national defence and supporting other authorities. [..]


Tomēr vēl interesantāka ir  proporcija: 5 miljoni somu iedzīvotāju  spēj ģenerēt 125K lielu teriotoriālo armiju (25k no katra 1 miljona) pateicoties OMD apmācītajiem rezerves karavīriem, kamēr mūsu teritoriālo karaspēku (8000 (?) ZS ) veido tikai 5K no “katra” 1 miljona iedzīvotāju.  Kā saka latviešiem vēl  ir  kur augt.


Vienīgā pareizā reakcija

Вооруженные силы Украины готовятся к проведению командно-штабных учений «Несокрушимая устойчивость-2017». Маневры заявлены как ответ на российско-белорусские учения «Запад-2017» и пройдут с привлечением войск и оперативных резервов. [..]


All of the three services of the Finnish Defence Forces will participate in the AURORA 17 exercise organised by the Swedish Armed Forces. The exercise will be take place in areas around Stockholm, Gotland and Gothenburg and in the southern Baltic Sea 11-29 September 2017. Approximately 19,000 soldiers and other authorities from Sweden are participating in the exercise, as well as troops from Lithuania, Norway, Poland, France, Denmark, Estonia and the United States. [..]


Finnish military rejects request for Russian tall ship visit to Åland

Avots: Finnish military rejects request for Russian tall ship visit to Åland