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Prom no kalniem, ārā no meža

The most recent UN report on the subject estimated 54 percent of the world’s population reside in urban areas and that this will rise to 66 percent by 2050, adding 2.5 billion to the world’s urban population. A related and more sophisticated argument – prominently made in David Kilcullen’s Out of the Mountains – is that due to this urbanization, cities are placed under increasing strain to deliver municipal services, leading to a breakdown of law and order as insurgent or criminal entities step into the ensuing power vacuum. As a result of these trends and realities, militaries can expect to find themselves engaged in wrestling a city from the hands of another conventional military or, more likely in this century, insurgents and must be prepared from the struggles they are likely to face in this environment.

vara bungas: Neskatoties uz raksta autora diezgan kritisku nostāju attiecībā uz jauninājumu trūkumu, arī es iesaku visiem taktikas interesentiem iepazīties ar US pulkveža Luisa Di Marko grāmatu “Betona elle”, ko onlainā var lasīt šeit. Drīz tā būs moderna tēma, tādēļ virsniekiem dienestā – must read.