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F-16 down in Israel

Corporal Frisk

News broke this morning that during the night an Israeli two-seat F-16 had come down in Israel (pictures). This chain of events started with an UAV entering Israeli airspace, which was then intercepted and shot down by an Israeli AH-64 Apache (‘Peten’/‘Saraph’ being the local designations for the AH-64A and D respectively). Four Israeli two-seat F-16’s then launched a retaliatory strike against targets in Syria, said to be the “Iranian control system” responsible for launching the UAV. Most reports seem to agree that this was located at the Syrian T4 airbase, which has played a prominent role in the Syrian war.

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Corporal Frisk

In the shadow of the HX-fighter competition, the state of the ground based air defences in Finland has again appeared in the headlines. The short story is that in the mid-90’s Finland acquired the Russian Buk-M1 air defence system as part of Russia paying off the Soviet balance of the clearing accounts. However, while the system certainly is competent, questions soon arose if it was wise to operate a high-tech system which the main adversary had built? Especially as knowing the exact capabilities of the radar and missile is of crucial importance when it comes to defeating radar-guided missiles.

By the mid-00’s training new conscripts on the Buk stopped, and the system was phased out (never trust a Finn who says something is retired, the last conscripts who trained on the system most likely had another ten years in the reserve, during which they were assigned to a wartime unit…

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No Country for Old Tanks

Corporal Frisk

The expression ‘Tank country’ desrcibes an area suitable for armoured warfare, and in particular for tanks. The image this usually stir up is that of open fields, with slowly rolling hills.

Russland, Unternehmen "Zitadelle", Fahrzeuge Quintessential tank country, German units on the move during Operation Zitadelle (Battle of Kursk). Source: Federal German Archives via Wikimedia Commons

This idea is however somewhat oversimplified, as major Mikkonen of the Finnish Armoured Brigade explained in the Defence Forces’ podcast (Finnish). In open areas tanks are able to bring their mobility and good optics to bear on the enemy. However, it is often forgotten that a tank in open country is visible to the enemy as well, and it is generally easier to spot a 65 tonne steel beast than an infantry squad lying in a ditch with their ATGM (ask the Israelis). Another factor is that of air superiority, you don’t want to park…

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Slo mo

Izziņas nolūkos, ne vairāk


Why Swedish troops just finished their biggest war games in 23 years


Atvērta partizānu taka

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Originally posted on Mežabrāļi:
Projektu konkursa “Vidzemes NVO iniciatīvas Latvijas simtgadei 2017” ietveros, līdz Septembra beigām tiek realizēts projekts “Nacionālo partizānu taka”. Ir izveidota 150 m gara taka ar grants segumu, kurā ir izvietoti pieci informatīvi stendi ar…


Russia Military Analysis

My latest article on the upcoming Zapad 2017 exercise on War on the Rocks

Don’t be surprised if in the coming days you increasingly hear the word Zapad echoing across media outlets and the blogosphere as though it were a category five hurricane, or an apocalyptic event approaching. Zapad, meaning “West” in Russian, is the Russian military’s annual strategic exercise, scheduled to commence on Sept. 14. Such capstone training events have been held on a quadrennial rotation since 1999 between four strategic directions, including Vostok (Eastern), Tsentr (Central), and Kavkaz (Caucasus). As anticipated, Zapad 2017 will take place in the Baltic region, held jointly with Belarus, and led by forces based in Russia’s Western Military District.

The ongoing confrontation between Russia and the United States, together with the exercise’s geographical focus, makes this a particularly significant event. Large-scale Russian exercises have always imparted a sense of foreboding, yet the…

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Kājinieku nodaļas organizācija

Zemessarga pieredze

Šī informācija ir paredzēta zemessargiem – instruktoriem, lai vienādotu vienkāršās pamatlietas ar mērķi paaugstināt kaujas spējas un organizāciju. Materiāls ir subjektīvs un vienkāršs, šeit apkopoti PD instruktoru komentāri un personīgā pieredze Kaujas grupā. 

Nodaļas organizācija

Optimāls kājinieku nodaļas sastāvs ir 10 karavīri. Nodaļa dalās 2 grupas: Charlie un Delta. Charlie vienmēr kārtojas pa kreisi, Delta pa labi. Pirmie-otrie, kreisie-labie skaitās tikai karavīri, grupas komandieris (GK) un nodaļas komandieris (NK) strādā pēc situācijas. 

Pirmais – otrais var arī atrasties citādā secībā: pirmais pārī ir vecākais un nepieciešamības gadījumā stāv tuvāk NK/GK.

Katram karavīram jaspēj iegaumēt savu vietu. Ja atmiņa klibo, var uzrakstīt savu vietu uz laides vai rokas. Piem: Ch-K-2 (Chalie, Kreisais, Otrais).

Ja kontakta laikā nodaļa izjauc secību, karavīri paši risina situāciju. Prioritāte ir kustība un agresija, nevis perfekta kārtība. Ejot uguni un kustību individuāli, karavīri paši komunicē un strādā savā starpā. Tas pats attiecas uz kustību pa pāriem. Ejot…

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Thinking About Defence (for a third time)

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Ted Campbell's Point of View:
When most of us do most of our thinking about our national defences we tend to do it in terms of numbers: so many sailors, soldiers and air force members, so…