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Dāņi norūpējušies par visiem 20%

[..] Here is how the Danish government describes the country’s way ahead:

“Denmark faces more serious threats than in any other period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The freedom and security we value so highly cannot be taken for granted. “To the east, NATO faces a confrontational and assertive Russia. Instability in the Middle East and North Africa is fuelling militant Islamism, sowing the seeds for the threat of terror and irregular migration flows. Propaganda campaigns challenge our democratic principles and established rules, while in the Arctic, there is increased activity and military presence.” [..]


vara bungas:  Rakstā nepalaidiet garām dāņu admirāļa Vanga  (Nils Wang) viedokli:

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Where are we? (2)

Ted Campbell's Point of View

OP NANOOKNearly a year ago I commented on a new Russian Arctic military base and asked “Where are we?” I was referring, mainly to the aborted Nansivik military base which has been downgraded from the full scale military base that Prime Minister Stephen Harper initially envisioned to a mere fuelling facility. I think we can and should do more and better.

There is a recent article in the McGill International Review which is headlined “The Northwest Passage and Canada’s Claim to the North” in which the authors/editors begin by equating the Northwest Passage to the Canadian Pacific Railway, saying “The Canadian Pacific Railroad was an enormous investment. It cost a good portion of the young country’s budget, was plagued by the infamous Pacific Scandal that cost John A. Macdonald his first government, and, by some counts, it took as many as two lives per mile…

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[..] NATO leadership is considering the creation of two new commands. The first command would focus on logistics and how to quickly move troops and materiel around Europe in case of a conflict. The second would be charged with protecting the sea lanes in the Arctic and the Atlantic, a major concern given Russia’s emphasis on rebuilding its submarine fleet. [..]

[..] The oceanic-focused command will likely find support in two key NATO allies. Officials from Norway and the U.K. have been particularly alarmed by Russia’s activities in the upper Atlantic, with Norwegian officials privately pushing for the creation of a NATO command to handle the issue.[..]


vara bungas:  Kreņķu  ap Arktiku un krievu A2/AD sistēmas efekta   mazināšanas pasākumi.  Kā arī tika  paredzēts. Manāmi, ka norvēģi ir pamatīgi norūpējušies.

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All of Germany’s submarines are now out of action

Startēģiskie baltie lāči (papildināts 20.10.)

vara bungas: VB pamatoti pārmet apsēstību ar jūras šaurumiem un  stratēģiskām salām, kā arī biežu bungošanu par Arktikas militarizāciju. Tā tas ir un tā tas paliks, jo notikumi par un ap reģionālās nozīmes atslēgas punktiem nedaudz izgaismo kaimiņvalstu valdību patiesos un tādēļ slepenos nodomus.  Novērotājam atliek tikai pareizi identificēt “key terrain” un gaidīt.

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Gotlandes ainas

Aurora-2017 mācības

zviedri, somi, amerikāņi:



Finnish military rejects request for Russian tall ship visit to Åland

Avots: Finnish military rejects request for Russian tall ship visit to Åland

Dienas grauds

[..] Why do we spend billions on defence, if we are not immediately threatened? For some countries—Israel, Latvia come to mind—the answer is self-evident. Countries that face a clear and immediate existential challenge know they need to spend on military and foreign policy. And they know why. [..]

Chrystina Freeland, CA ārlietu ministre


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[..] К сожалению, пока мы фокусируемся на старых методах, Россия уже создает новые. Самая непосредственная проблема – быстро тающая Арктика, которую НАТО оставил без внимания после холодной войны. Россия перевела на Дальний Север две военные бригады, а летом откроет там новую крупную военную базу. Кроме того, она укрепляет расположенные в этом регионе атомные сооружения. У США есть всего один пригодный для морской навигации ледокол, и даже он уже на 10 лет превысил свой срок службы. У России их 40 и она строит новые, снабженные крылатыми ракетами и морскими пушками.[..]



vara bungas:  Nu re, arī E.Lukas pamanīja RU – US brēcošo disproporciju ledlaužu flotēs. Tas protams arī agrāk nebija nekāds noslēpums, bet vienkārši norāda uz atšķirīgām prioritātēm. Līdz ar to RU  šobrīd ir 5-10 gadu handikaps Arktikā.


Strategic depth and Alliances

Corporal Frisk

“American newspaper – the concept of strategic depth: Finland could withdraw to Sweden if attacked”

That is the headline chosen by Finnish news source Verkkouutiset when retelling Jane’s Defence Weekly’s recent story that the Swedish Air Force has been working on a concept of enabling Finnish fighters to operate from Swedish bases in times of crises. The idea is both extremely radical, and blatantly obvious, a combination uncomfortably common in Finnish national security.

In short, the interviewed officer was colonel Magnus Liljegren, responsible for the production of Swedish air units and equipment at the Swedish Defence Forces’ general staff (designated C PROD FLYG in the Swedish Defence Forces). The colonel stated that “Finland is absolutely our top priority partner right now […] they are looking to us in order to increase their operational depth. If they need to withdraw they can move into our country and use our bases.” (full…

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