Vēji Baltijas jūras reģionā

[..] Broadly speaking, two scenarios for a Russian campaign in the BSR (Baltic Sea Reģion) appear possible:

  1. A low-key, possibly opportunistic, campaign that exploits real or manufactured discontent among Russian compatriots to destabilize one or more of the Baltic States, creating a “frozen conflict” that undermines NATO’s credibility; or

  2. A more structured, high-tempo campaign to achieve the same objectives against NATO power in the BSR and also render Nordic defense cooperation redundant.

It is reasonable to assume that the Baltic Sea Fleet and other organs of Russian maritime power will play supporting rather than leading roles in any such conflict. [..]

vara bungas:  Labs ieskats RU hibridkara spējās  Baltijas jūras reģiona griezumā. Var piekrist autoriem par RU Baltijas flotes sekundāro nozīmi eventuālās hibrīdās agresijas gadījumā.  Jūras ceļu blokāde tas ir maksimums.





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