Iztēles treniņš

[..] And if the presence of the Baltic special operations forces was any indication, it appears that Ridge Runner 2017 may have been inspired by Russia in other ways, too. While the mock insurgencies and counterinsurgencies might reflect missions American forces, both conventional and special operations, might expect in their near future, for Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian operators it is a scenario they might be able to imagine in their own back yards.[..]


vēl bildes

labs… XX gs paņēmieni rullē.


UPD1 2014.gads


One response to “Iztēles treniņš

  1. Interesanti tas, ka nevienā bildē nav parādīti mūsējie suvieši, EE un LT zīmējas, mūsējie šifrējas 🙂 ?


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