Dienas grauds

[..] “We did this Russian New Generation Warfare study. That’s what essentially spotlighted for us that there were old technologies being used in new ways and new technologies being used in new ways, and the combination of those are creating gaps that we do not have solutions for,” [..]”

Bo Dyess, Maj. Gen., acting director Army Capabilities Integration Center at the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command

[..] “They understand the correlation forces better than anybody. They know in a stand-up conflict with us and our allies, it’s not going to go well for them – they have to get in fast. [..] Tis will include laying the ground work with disinformation, advanced electronic warfare, ISR, reconnaissance and command and control. These things the Russians really improved since 2014. [..] The Russians focus on asymmetries – asymmetries is first a retaliation of one’s own vulnerabilities and the Russians know that.” [..]

Peter Zwack, Army brigadier general, senior Russia-Eurasia fellow at the Institute of National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University and a




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