US doto brīdi

[..] The analysis says that current U.S. military force would not be able to engage and defeat two competitors—the “most worrisome” being Russia and China, given their investments in military modernization—at the same time.

The Index concludes that “the current U.S. military force is capable of meeting the demands of a single major regional conflict while also attending to various presence and engagement activities—something it is doing now and has done for the past two decades—but that it would be very hard-pressed to do more and certainly would be ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous major regional contingencies.” [..]

2017. INDEX  of U.S. Military strength


viss pētījums “2017. INDEX  of U.S. Military strength” šeit

daži seciānjumi:


vara bungas: šāds stāvoklis ir Obamas administrācijas politikas rezultāts, finansējuma  apgraizīšana skārusi visus US armijas spēku veidus. Turpretī Tramps sola visu atjaunot,  uzlabot, palielināt un paplašināt, tādēl par viņu balsoja ļoti daudzi aktīvā dienesta karavīri un veterāni.

Pētījumā doti EE,  LV, LT bruņoto spēku raksturojumi, kuros katram atrasts pa labam vārdam ( jāsaka, ka ne bez ironijas) piemēram:

[..] Estonia has demonstrated that it takes defense and security policy seriously, focusing its defense policy on improving defensive capabilities at home while maintaining the ability to be a strategic actor abroad. Over the next few years, Estonia will increase from one to two the number of brigades in the order of battle. [..]

[..] Latvia’s 2012 Defense Concept is an ambitious document that charts a path to a bright future for the Latvian National Armed Forces if followed closely and resourced properly.[..]

[..] Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic States, and its armed forces total 16,400 active duty troops, an increase of 50 percent from the previous year.[..]




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