Air and Sea Traffic in the Gulf of Finland 6 October

Corporal Frisk

It seems evident that 6 October was a day of heavy Russian military air traffic in the Gulf of Finland, reminiscent of certain episodes during the second half of 2014. Unfortunately, another episode also reminded of 2014, in that the Russians twice intruded on Finnish airspace. The first intruder was a single Su-27P, ‘red 42’ (RF-92414), which briefly entered Finnish airspace over the sea south of Porvoo 16:43 local time. It was intercepted by Finnish QRA, which duly photographed the armed Russian fighter.

ilmav_tunnistus-su27-press_20161007 The first intruder. Source: Puolustusvoimat

The Russians had time to deny this incident, before the next intrusion took place at exactly the same place a few hours later. Another Su-27P in the ‘Red 4x’ sequence flew the same route inside Finnish airspace, and was documented by Finnish QRA at 21:33.

ilmav_tunnistus_su27-2-press_20161007 The second intruder. Source: Puolustusvoimat

Both aircraft carry a mix of short-range highly manoeuvrable R-73 IR-missiles, mid-range…

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3 responses to “Air and Sea Traffic in the Gulf of Finland 6 October

  1. Nez vai raķetes utainajiem nav virsū tamdēļ, lai varētu somus atbaidīt no domas par spēka pielietošanu pret pārkāpējiem, jo ja ar tik īsu intervālu pārkāpj gaisa telpu vienā un tajā pašā robežā, tad skaidrs, ka uzprasās.

  2. Nav ko somiem slēgt sadarbības līgumus ar ASV. Pabrīdināja.
    “The pact covers cooperation in ship building, nuclear defense and developing technologies for the Arctic – an area of increasing interest for both nations.

    In the three-page declaration, the U.S. and Finnish defense ministries jointly state that “the U.S. presence in and around the Baltic Sea undergirds stability in the region, and creates opportunities to increase defense cooperation between our countries.”


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