Dienas grauds

[..] Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s an ability to control it, or replace it with something else: anger, compassion, focus, loyalty to a cause greater than oneself. For a soldier, that ability can be enhanced by an understanding of how the brain and body function under extreme stress. Being able to identify these physiological processes, and knowing that they’re completely normal, can prevent crippling self-doubt, and thus more fear, from taking hold when they’re experienced in the heat of battle.  [..]


vara bungas: Komandieriem, kuriem ir padotie, derētu palasīt, lai izprastu kādēļ pastāvot reālām briesmām soldžeri mēdz rīkoties savādi.


One response to “Dienas grauds

  1. Paldies! Šis bija ļoti interesants raksts. Īpaši salīdzinājums ar sportu, kas, manuprāt, ir tuvu patiesībai.


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