Jauni jēdzieni: kiberhigiēna un kiberbardaks

[..]The Center for Internet Security (CIS) and the Council on Cyber Security (CCS) defines cyber hygiene as a means to appropriately protect and maintain IT systems and devices and implement cyber security best practices.[..]

  • Count: Know what’s connected to and running on your network
  • Configure: Implement key security settings to help protect your systems
  • Control: Limit and manage those who have administrative privileges for security settings
  • Patch: Regularly update all apps, software, and operating systems
  • Repeat: Regularly revisit the Top Priorities to form a solid foundation of cyber security[..]

Lack of security controls in a modern information system which eventually increases the likelihood of a cyber risk or a data breach can be termed as a cyber mess. Cyber mess can be classified into two categories focusing on technical and non-technical issues. A technical cyber mess can occur because of absence of the following:

  • AAA – Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  • Access Controls – Data Level and Function Level Access Controls
  • Monitoring – Security Monitoring and Security Intelligence
  • Plan – Incident Response Plan
  • Security Patches and Remediation process – Vulnerability Management
  • Managed Cyber Risks – Continued Risk Assessments[..]



2 responses to “Jauni jēdzieni: kiberhigiēna un kiberbardaks

  1. vilciens aizbrauc

    Kad IT speciālisti lieto garus vārdus un teikumus, vienmēr vērts atgriezties pie šīs ilustratūras: https://xkcd.com/538/

    Uzskaitītie soļi ir ok, bet vēl vajag uzsvērt uz bik tiešāku higiēnas ievērošanu – nevākt savā darba skaitļotājā visādus sifilisus no apšaubāmām vietām (tātad, neapmeklēt tās) un nelietot savu mājas vai kabatas skaitļotāju darba vajadzībām. Izklausās vienkārši, bet ej nu piespied un izkontrolē.


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