REBLOG: National Interest, Finland USA’s new ally?

Epämuodikkaita ajatuksia

I found an interesting piece in National Interest. Link to original HERE. This covers Finnish position in North-European gameboard exactly.  In Finland there is childlike believe that Finland can stay out of any future NATO-Russia confrontation, even though both parties in conflict would like to use Finnish sea- and airspace in their operations. So BEST we can hope for is guarded neutrality with extreme prejudice. 

The famously neutral nation fears Russian aggression.
Michael Peck
August 28, 2016

“Finlandization” is the term for a small nation, located next to a much bigger nation, that maintains a foreign policy of careful neutrality. In return, its bigger neighbor doesn’t crush it.

Can you guess which country Finlandization is named after? Good guess! Having your country become a synonym for neutrality isn’t exactly a compliment, but if national survival is a worthy achievement, then Finlandization has worked for Finland for almost a century. Despite being…

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