EE bruņoto spēku štābam jauns štāba priekšnieks

New chief of staff of Estonian defense forces to take command Friday

TALLINN, Jul 22, BNS – Col. Martin Herem, former commandant of the Estonian National Defense College, will on Friday take over from Cmdr. Igor Schvede as chief of staff of Estonian defense forces.

Herem handed over command of the college to Lt. Col. Enno Mots on July 15. Schvede will continue service as Estonia’s military representative at the European Union and NATO, replacing Maj. Gen. Valeri Saar in this position.

Herem started service in the defense forces in 1996 as platoon leader with the Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion. In 2002 he joined the academic staff of the National Defense College and later on headed its tactics department. He was appointed vice-commandant of the National Defense College in 2012 and commandant of the college in 2013.

vara bungas: pulkv. Martins Herems jau gadiem ilgi EE militārajā  forumā ( piedalās diskusijās nepiesedzoties ar segvārdiem. Līdz šim bija EE BS Apvienotā mācību centra vadītājs, pats pasniedza  taktiku – droši vien civilās tautas izglītošanu mil.diskusijās uzskatīja par daļu no amata pienākumiem 🙂  Prieks, ka  mūsu Leonīdam būs gudrs kolēģis ar ko parunāt par stratēģijām.

[..]  About the shape such a war might take, Herem said that to him as the leader of a military unit it would make no difference if a specific target was attacked, if there were little green men like in Ukraine, if it were about ISIS, or a fight against regular troops.

“What’s different is that it would be war, and here we’re talking about strategic considerations, the state’s decisions. In which kind of danger would we mobilize, redirect the state towards meeting the requirements of a war. And that’s just what might have been easier to decide a hundred years ago, today that’s more difficult,” he said. [..]




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