Maskavas skatījums uz 4GW

[..]The strongest deterrent to Hybrid War is the establishment of civilizational safeguards. By this, it is meant that if the members of society largely feel themselves to be part of “something greater than themselves” and if they identify their government as corresponding to this larger supranational concept, then they will be less likely to engage in subversive activity against it. In fact, the strong promotion of patriotic (in the sense of national or civilizational) ideas by the state and its affiliated NGOs can lead to the eventual creation of a pro-government hive mind that can engage in counter swarms against any anti-establishment insurgents.[..]

vara bungas: Labs izziņas materiāls, kas izgaismo RU nostādnes un  atklāj atziņas uz kurām tiek balstīta valsts politika informatīvajā karā.  Izskatās, ka RU interneta sektoru gaida lielas pārmaiņas.

[..] it is also recommended that national internets be established. This is not to be confused with censorship, as it merely seeks to make sure that the state can monitor the internet and identify the origin of certain information that enters the country. Of course, this is extremely ambitious and very difficult to implement, and in some cases (e.g. China), this can take the form of actual censorship and blacklisting. For the Russian application and as regards its soft power objectives in the world, it is not recommended that such measures be taken. Instead, there should be a strong push by the state to encourage the “nationalization” of social media and the internet by its citizens. The promotion of the “Runet” would bolster the country’s civilizational identity and, to a degree, decrease the direct influence of subversive Western and American information campaigns.[..]




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