kurš to nezināja

[..] The ongoing tribulations of the A-10 have done a great deal to obscure the history of what the A-10 was designed for, the environment it was intended to operate in, and the support assets that would have been available. While the A-10 was designed to be a dedicated CAS aircraft, the implicit assumption was that a Wild Weasel and standoff jammer mix would support A-10 operations, particularly in Europe. F-4G Wild Weasel doctrine at the time was to target SAM acquisition radars, depriving Soviet divisional air defense of cueing and forcing air defense operators into a struggle to acquire targets visually. In Europe, with low cloud ceilings, poor visibility, and rolling terrain, this was a good bet when coupled with low altitude operations. It paid off in Desert Storm, when the electronic combat triad wrecked the radar-dependent portions of the Iraqi integrated air defense strikes. Discussions today regarding a contested environment are focused on building an aircraft that is survivable over the modern battlefield, ignoring the external capabilities that ensured that the A-10 only had to survive against a threat dominated by anti-aircraft artillery and small missiles. The notion of “high-threat CAS” is nonsense. There is no piece of magic aircraft design or technological prowess that will enable an aircraft to loiter over a dispersed target with credible, radar-guided self-defense capabilities. [..]


vara bungas:  kādas ir NBS REC (radioelektroniskās cīņas – electronic warfare EW) spējas? … ! Kādām jābūt?


8 responses to “kurš to nezināja

  1. Draugi!

    Vai esat pamanījuši, ka pēdējā laikā varabungās nav redzēts jobtechnology, kurš bija viens no aktīvākajiem komentētājiem!

    Vai kāds nezina, kāpēc šis ļoti cienījamais, vienmēr nosvērtais bundzinieks šobrīd ir apturējis bungošanu?

  2. arī zemessargs

    Nepalielinot aizsardzības spējas, NATO draud kodolkarš ar Krieviju, brīdina ģenerālis http://www.delfi.lv/news/arzemes/nepalielinot-aizsardzibas-spejas-nato-draud-kodolkars-ar-krieviju-bridina-generalis.d?id=47456859

  3. arī zemessargs

    “His scenario is specific, naming Latvia as the first of the Baltic countries to be invaded, in May next year. Such specifics open him to potential ridicule.”

    • Šis arī labs, tas, kā nav ne Graubem, ne Kalniņam:
      “…“I think it is the duty of senior soldiers engaged with politicians not to think like politicians, not to make life easy for politicians, but to lay out the military consequences of political decisions. And I sense that is something that has got blurred in recent years.””

  4. modernizēti mazbudžeta tanki un totālais karš:cik stipra ir Krievija? sk. delfi


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