Radioluga. “Livestream no Oregonas”

FBI iet uzbrukumā atlikušajam “Bandiju četriniekam

[..]UPDATE 10 p.m. (08:00 Rīgā): The live stream that broadcast online what appears to be the last stage of the refuge occupation stopped after more than five hours. The phone feed ended as the occupiers headed to their night camp, preparing to surrender Thursday morning. They said they have a promise that the encircling FBI agents would leave them alone overnight.[..]

UPD1 Nevada lawmaker Michele Fiore heads to Burns to negotiate. A Nevada state legislator who is hoping to negotiate between the FBI and the last four people left at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns is a vocal gun rights advocate now campaigning for a seat in Congress.

UPD2 Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who touched off one armed showdown with federal authorities and applauded another started in Oregon by his sons, was arrested late Wednesday at Portland International Airport and faces federal charges related to the 2014 standoff at his ranch.

vara bungas: Iet uz beigām. Sistēma about to win. Šobrīd nemiernieku prasības ir šādas “The only way we’re leaving here is dead or without charges“. Tātad neprasa amnestiju vai apžēlošanu, bet apsūdzību neizvirzīšanu, ja tiešām to panāks, šādi gadījumi atkārtosies, ja nepanāks nemieri būs reti, bet daudz asiņaināki.



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