A Quick and Provisional GRU Update

In Moscow's Shadows

Update: the afternoon I wrote this, it was announced that Lt Gen Igor Korobov has been appointed. Needless to say, I take full credit for forcing the Kremlin’s hand ;). Meanwhile Dyumin, perhaps as a consolation prize, perhaps because his position at the defence ministry had thus become untenable, moves across to become acting governor of Tula. So the military win this round – but apparently not easily.

GRU logoA month ago tomorrow, military intelligence chief Igor Sergun died of heart failure in the suburbs of Moscow (not in Lebanon, not anything exciting…). That the announcement of his successor would be delayed because of the long Christmas-to-Orthodox-New-Year holidays was expected. But despite a couple of times hearing suggestions that a name was about to be announced, no one yet.

It’s bad enough that we don’t even know what the agency should be called — it’s traditional form, the GRU, that even…

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3 responses to “A Quick and Provisional GRU Update

  1. galvenais secinājums, ka GRU paliek nozares speciālistu kontrolē. Čekistiem (FSO, FSB) atkal neizdevās pārņemt varu par MI, lai gan visas iespējas viņiem ir, bet acīmredzot “kāds” saprot, ka lielvalstīm resursu un varas nodalīšana šajā jomā atmaksājas ar veselīgu konkurenci.

  2. RU ģenerāļu sēru maršs.sk.bonis.lv,17.01.2016


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