Viljams Linds par Džonu Boidu

[..] The OODA Loop explains how and why Third Generation maneuver warfare, such as the German Blitzkrieg method, works. It describes exactly what happened to the French in 1940, when Germany defeated what was considered the strongest army on earth in six weeks with only about 27,000 German dead, trifling casualties by World War I standards. The French actually had more and better tanks than the Germans.

It is also a partial explanation for our repeated defeats by Fourth Generation non-state entities. Our many layers of headquarters, large staffs, and centralized decision-making give us a slow OODA Loop compared to opponents whose small size and decentralized command enable a fast one. A Marine officer stationed with our counter-drug traffic effort in Bolivia told me the traffickers went through the Loop 12 times in the time it took us to go through it once. I mentioned that to Colonel Boyd, and he replied, “Then we’re not even in the game.” [..]



2 responses to “Viljams Linds par Džonu Boidu

  1. Tātad – mazi, ātri, viegli un decentralizēti ar pilnvarām katrai šūniņai/nodaļai/vadam veikt uzdevumu prioritizēšanu pēc saviem ieskatiem.

    • Vienkāršojot – jā, tieši tā. Bet pārlieku vienkāršot nevajag. To lietu ir jāpēta. Mūsu C4I sistēma ir vāja un viegli ietekmējama, tādēļ cita ceļa mums faktiski nav. Bet pa ceļu vajag iet nevis uz tā mīnāties.


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